Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What did you drink?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to defend yourself and the lifestyle choices you have made to people who claim that you are "extreme" because you do not eat bread? or because you work out 3-4 times a week? or because you have decided that you need to get stronger etc?
These accusations very often come from people who are not in shape themselves, and who have already had to begin dealing with the "challenges" that occur when you really could'nt care less about your health!

Elite athletes are extreme no matter what sport you deside to try to master and bring to the ultimate level, and there really is no discussion there, but how come that we have to listen to the same BS? I have a bunch of answers, some better than others! However I have decided to spare you my crazy rants on the issue, at the same time as I am sure that I will avoid stepping on sore toes this way:-) So I have decide to share a story with you- all you have to do is decide where you feel like you fit in? I promise to try to keep it short!

" Once apon a time there was a very small kingdom. The small kingdom basically consisted of a village, and on a hill above the village there was a castle- that was it, that was the kingdom.

People grew their crops and lived in relative harmony and got along with both friends and foe- and they loved their king! The king was a wise man who wished everyone well and settled disputes fairly. Under his rule the small kingdom had prospered for many years!

Then one day a evil man came by and poisoned the well in the village. This was the well everyone in the village drank from. He poured a poison in there that made everyone very upset, and hostile for no reason whatsoever! Over the next few weeks people in the village fought amongst themselves. They started fires and begun arming themselves so they could defend themselves against foes- both real and imagined!

In the castle where the king drank thare was also a well, but it sprang from a different spring. This meant that the king was the same as he had alway been, and all he ever wanted was for everyone to be well, get along and prosper!

After a while the villagers began to look at the castle and talk about the king and how he had changed, how they could not relate to the "new king!" They began making plans on how to assasinate him so that they could elect a new king whom they felt could be one of them!

The king heard about these plans! Wise as he was he decide to sneak down to the village and drink the water from the well in the village. He did so, and returned to the castle! The next morning he woke with a fury burning inside him, and he immidiately decided that the kingdom should go to war on their neighbors, and while he was at it he decided that 10 imagined wrong-doers in town should be hanged in the city square!

The villagers were over the moon that they had gotten their king back and talk on the town was all about how their king had gotten his wits back......"

It would be easy to do the same when the 1000th person comes up to you and claims that you are extreme and feels that it is perfectly ok to question the lifestyle choices you have made! When the 100 000 000th person looks through your lunch box and decides that it is perfectly ok to call you extreme or over the top for the choices you have made!

I beg of you not to drink from the village fountain! The choises you have made are yours to keep, and you dont have to defend them to anyone.. You should take in information and always be open to widening your horizons and learn from those who know more than we do.. But when the haters begin their insane rants about your lifestyle choises while they dont train and try to eat themselves to an early death- please dont listen!

This could be applied to virtually anything in life, but I have not found any other place where people take such liberties when it comes to the decisions others have made on how to live their lives, when all they should do was begin with the man in the mirror:-)

What do you think? Has anyone ever taken a shot at you?

Much love


marcusherou said...

Yes but I have always been extreme: )

However it is insane to have to defend the "sorry I do not eat bread" with at least a 15mins explanation which still is regarded as bullshit by the listener. However the ones who think it is bullshit normally lack any knowledge about nutrition which makes it even harder to explain in laymans terms.

It is much much easier to say, "sorry I dont eat fat since I am going to compete in -80kg in two weeks". Or no I do not eat carbs since I want to look lean in the summer. Everyone "understands" that fat is sooooooo bad and some understands that sugar is a little bad as well.

However if I would say that I do not want to eat bread/grain since I perhaps will die 3 years earlier in pain than otherwise noone understands since the government would not acknowledge that due to social economics reasons and environmental. Think about it if everyone would eat grassfed cow. What an environmental disaster. But I don't care as long as I get my free living Salmon.

However it has always been hard for enlightened minds to get acknowledged.

I would just like to be able to eat what the fu-ck I like without anyone questioning it :)

Mads Jacobsen said...

Marcus- Amen! I have got your back brother!

Jonna said...

Marcus: where do you buy your wild caught salmon?